Sunday, September 23, 2012

Early Visions; Later Reality

This is Darlene, the girl of my dreams. Really! She grew up at the same time as me and also living pretty close to me during my childhood years. I never met her during this time. I had visions of her way back in the third grade. For whatever reason, my visions did not become reality until much later in my life. Of course, this is the reason that I am sharing this. Dreams or visions can become reality. Darlene is just another example of this dynamic working in and through my life. Reality often begins in the mind; in a dream. I have learned that we can manifest many things in our lives and we are the ones that make things happen in our lives; it is not magic, paranormal or other worldly. Let me explain this phenomena in more depth by sharing the story about Darlene as she moved from the dream world into my real world. 

Although Darlene lived only in my imagination when I was a young boy, she was not a  figment of my imagination. I knew she was out there yet I never met her or saw her other than in my dreams. My real life evolved and I had to move on and I forgot that she even existed. In my journey away from her (and toward her), I was fortunate to meet and share my life with many wonderful partners and friends. Everyone one of those partners and friends have blessed my life. They were my best friends. They were my teachers. They were gifts. They were angels helping me on my journey. They helped me to make it through the lows of a high life; through the rough times and past the many challenges that came along. It took two memorable marriages and a few amazing adventures to bring me back to my vision.

When did it all begin? I was nine years old. I knew what I wanted to be in life and I knew who I wanted to be my partner (her picture is above). No one else knew this. I kept it a secret for most of my life. I trusted that someday I would become in reality who I envisioned to be back then AND that I would be with the women who was burned into my heart and mind at a very early age. I am smiling now because both of those early childhood visions did became reality!

However, in reality things (dreams and visions) did not happen so easily or come so quickly for me. As a result of circumstances beyond my control, I landed on a far away "planet" (really a place on this planet in a town very different from where I had grown up) and I had to survive; actually hoping to thrive as best as I could (wounded and shaken by a dysfunctional family situation).

In the country this city boy was fortunate to meet an angel and fortunate to make her my first wife and mother of my two sons. She was beyond perfect; I was, unfortunately, distracted. She was a true angel in every way. Together, we achieved a whole lot as individual and as a family and we enjoyed a wonderful life for many years. Sadly but on purpose, our marriage fell apart. It was not what I had intended or thought that I wanted. We were together for over twenty amazing years. Sadly, the metaphor that came to be in our lives was: "Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and all the kings men and all the kings horses couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again." We tried really hard. Our falling out just happened but it happened for a reason. She went on to marry my best friend and I went on (although it took a while) to meet the girl in my third grade dreams. By itself, the story of how Darlene and I met and came together a stroy beyond explanation or description.

So, were things perfect for everyone involved? Not really, but they were OK because I believe everyone involved in this story is happy today.

I guess the moral of this sad/happy story is that our dreams can come true. I have worked hard every day of my life. I have tried to be the best partner, the best father, the best student, the best athlete, the best teacher, the best coach and the best friend that there could ever be. I have failed often yet, yet I never stopped trying and I never gave up. More importantly, I never stopped believing. 

There is a powerful message in this story for anyone else who has struggled trying to understand their journey and their life. When we know, we just know. We may get sidetracked and distracted but it is important that we never forget our dreams and our visions...never, ever!

All I can say at this point in my life (now past seventy years of reflection), is "thank you" to everyone who has ever helped me along the way. I have been truly blessed. Can you say the same thing? If not, it is time to get to work and make it happen in your life just as you have envisioned it. It can happen...believe me. 

Why do I create a post like this? I create it in order to share  a message. I create it because I want to honor everyone involved in my life. I create it because maybe, just maybe, my story will speak to someone else and they will move closer to making their dreams become reality. Oh, and by the way, be sure to be thankful for everyone who had been a part of your life. They were there for a reason!


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