Sunday, September 9, 2012

Contridictions Make Sense

Note: This image is snapped from the video called "The Mountain" on Vimeo. Worth a look!

We need dark to see the light. It may seem like a contradiction but, in fact, dark and light are intimately related. We need the dark to see the stars. This paradox is like many others that I have discovered and used in my teaching over the years. I never provide the answers because there are many answers. Sometimes you have to turn it upside down and see the other side. The real answer is never obvious.

Check out the list below. Think about each statement. What is the deeper meaning? If you are so inclined, write out your answer or response to each one in your journal or notebook. Paint it; write a poem or a song; find something to photograph the captures the essence of it; personalize it; share it. 

Agree to disagree
Holding on or moving on
Give in order to gain
Strength is gentleness
Losing is winning
Getting lost in order to find
I've lost what I can never lose
Back off to go forward
Close your eyes to see
To see big see small
Above may still be below
Letting go is keeping
Not to be perfect is perfect
If you get lost, you can always be found
Stop searching to find
Sight is not seeing
Looking does not mean seeing
Peace says a lot
Magic is not magic
Inaction can result in movement 
Keeping up is bound to slow you down
By giving we receive
Stars cannot shine without darkness
Lose all in order to find all
Look back to see ahead
Getting there first does not mean you won
Great minds think alone
Quietness says a lot
You are confined only by the walls you build
Existing is not living
Falling up
Become in order to be
Painful can feel good
Blindness does not mean you cannot see
Spend in order to save
Letting go but holding on
The end may be the beginning
Enter the dark to find the light
Dying having never lived
Smart might be dumb
Hurrying can cause delay
Near could be far
Dreams can be reality
When you lose, don't lose the lesson
A friend walks in when others walk out


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