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A Flowering Heart: Love Poems 3

Note: This image is the creation of Kim Birdsong, an artist who lives in Carmel, CA.

 April, 1995

I know how much flowers mean to you.
You know how flowers, especially pansies, brighten and cheer your day.

I know how much you mean to me.
You must know, then, how you brighten and cheer my world.

You are a flower to the world.
You are my flower.

Hearts Ease
May, 1995

A pansy is a pansy is a pansy...
No, a pansy is you.
Couldn’t be. Or, could it be?
You put my heart at ease;
You fill my heart with sunshine;
You bring me joy and peace;
You give and give and give.

Why else would they call a pansy, a Heartsease?
The pansy is a heart shaped flower.
It’s desire to live is strong;
It’s beauty is desired;
It’s colors are radiant and warm;
It’s center is filled with sunshine.

Is there any longer any doubt?
No, you are a pansy.
You surely are. It is so!
You put my heart at ease;
You fill my heart with sunshine;
You bring me joy and peace.
You give and give and give.

Heartsease, Heartsease, Heartsease
Pansies, Pansies, Pansies
You, You, You

Morning Flower Cloud
 May, 1992




Our Love
January, 1997

it makes
our sunsets gleam;
our mountains green.

it makes
our rivers flow;
our candles glow.

it makes
our nights light;
our flowers bright.
it makes
our days long;
our life a song.

You Are
 August, 1980

you are like a meadow
my words cannot describe;
like the splendor of the mountains,
wherein my heart resides.

you are like a flower,
where all the beauty lies;
made by God to love,
beneath the clear blue skies.

you are like my dreams,
where ever I may be.
the realm of all my longings;
my breathe and life to me.

all the words can never tell,
all the actions never do.
how shall I ever express
all my love for you.
 Everything Important
 February, 1984

you are everything important
you are
my essence in the wind
my smile at sunrise
my stillness in flight
my rainbow at night
my light in the darkness
my colors in the shadows
my heartbeat in the sky
my eyes in the stream
my song in the forest
my footsteps in the clouds
my raindrops in the desert
my dream in the sunshine
my sigh in the meadow
my dance on the moon
my mirror on the pond
my breath upon the grass
my touch upon a star
my thoughts at sunset
my calm in the storm
my laughter in the valley
my play on the mountains
my spirit in the flowers
you are Everything
you are Important

The Power of Love
October, 1990

Today as I ran up the creek
I felt a special closeness
To all that was around me;
A renewed feeling of joy and relatedness
To all things living
To my place and the present moment.
I felt truly alive, truly connected.
Yet, somehow something was missing.

I was alone, feeling even more alone.
I felt isolated, imprisoned within my aloneness.
The joy, the beauty, the moment, the place
All were very special, needing to be shared.
Yet, I was alone and this hurt deeply.
The pain and depression slowed my progress.
Taking away all the energy I had.
Emotion filled my body.

My thoughts were with my love.
She didn't even know where I was or what I was doing.
I wondered if she even cared.
She had her own place, her own space.
Distractions, perhaps, but reality.
Busy, busy, go, go
A different path and direction
From where I was at the moment.

Then as I came upon a meadow green
I came to my senses.
I realized I was far from being alone.
I was, in fact, surrounded by friends.
Escorted as I moved, part of a living force.
A heart rock helped to shift my thoughts
From my mind to my heart
Where I could at last see.

The world around me was alive.
Fall was in full array.
The air was fresh, the sky clear.
The colors hidden only by the random shadows.
The creek was full and noisy.
The sun bright and warm, giving quality to the living.
The wind was brisk and refreshing.
And I felt close, oneness, truly connected.

My loneliness was broken
As I began to converse with my companions.
I spoke to the pine, whose beauty I had long admired
I touched the aspen, whose golden leaves glittered.
I reached out to the asters, yarrow, and paintbrush.
I exchanged with the willow, wild rose and tall grass.
I called out to the flicker, jay and robin.
I joined hands with the wind and sun.

And there were many more friends along the way.
Those seen and those more shy.
They all joined to help me understand.
What I shared was from my heart.
My words expressed the pain I was feeling.
My tears expressed the depth.
What I shared was the triumph of hope over despair.
It was a moment that transcended space and time.

I asked the pine and aspen to carry my message
Within their roots, through the earth
Along the hidden system of connected arteries,
Until it reached the ground beneath my love.
"Let your vibrations tell her I care and that I miss her.
Hear me wind. Take from me the force I feel for her.
Tell her, strong wind, the depth of my feelings.
Pass it on until it surrounds her soul.

Take wing robin, jay and flicker, go to your friends,
Pass my message within your songs.
Convey it to your winged brother and sister.
Sing our song, tell her how much I need her.
Spread the word until it reaches her gentle ears.
Sunshine, take her hand and warm her body
As only I could do.
Tell her, she brightens all of my days.

They heard me and they knew.
They knew how limited a single being can be.
They knew I needed to communicate.
They knew I needed them.
And in their presence I discovered that
I am capable of much more than perceived.
I am limited only by myself.
My prospective is limited only by my perspective.

As I ran back down the trail
My feet never touched the ground.
I outran the wind.
I flew over the creek.
I shouted my joy.
I knew I would return.
I knew, next time, I would not be alone.
My friends, my love and I would be together.

And I did return with my love,
Who at that time didn't know
How much I really cared.
We returned just two days later.
We shared a beautiful weekend
In the meadow with the bluest sky,
All of my friends and at night
A warm campfire and full moon.

It was the first of many
Magical and memorable moments.
It was the most wonderful time
I could have ever imagined.
Closeness, intensity, intimacy, and passion
Accompanied us on our way, together.
We became friends, lovers, sojourners
Seeking sunshine and peace.

But somewhere we lost our way.
Emotion, selfishness, guilt
Somehow crept in and joined us.
Creating a fog and darkness
We were separated by a coldness
Brought about by fear
Made greater by confusion and uncertainty.
We lost touch with Love.

It was Love that brought us together.
It was Love that confused us.
It was Love that scared us.
It was Love that separated us.
It will be Love that shows us the new way.
It will be Love that keeps us together.
It will be Love that brings us back to the meadow.
It will be Love that will join our hearts, forever.


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  1. Beautiful. Your words resonated with me at my core.
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